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Bin Shihon Furniture today is one of the most respected and admired home furnishings companies in the world. Our dining, bedroom, home entertainment, home office and accent furniture is distinguished by beautiful quality craftsmanship and functional features to make your life easier.


Inspired by the company's core values - Integrity, Caring, Listening, Innovation, Service, Responsibility, Citizenship and Honesty - Bin Shihon  Furniture gives back to the communities in which we live and work through foundations, active community service and socially and environmentally responsible initiatives.


Our Mission

Our mission is to be the industry leader in manufacturing and marketing of solid wood furniture. Additionally, we manufacture and market upholstery and home accents to support our brand. We will continue to be a profitable, ethical, market driven company. Consistently providing exceptional styling, service, value and quality. The dignity, integrity and value of our customers and employees will always be honored, while acknowledging our responsibility to the environment and the community.


Our Environmental Policy


  • We will demonstrate responsible environmental management by complying with applicable environmental laws, regulations, and obligations.
  • We will seek out opportunities for recycling, pollution prevention, energy conservation, and efficient use of natural resources.
  • We will ensure our employees understand this environmental policy through open communication and training.
  • We will work to reduce the environmental burden of waste generation and emissions to the air, water and land and we will strive to ensure that any waste generated is properly disposed of in a safe and environmentally sound manner.


Product Care


At Bin Shihon Furniture, a great amount of effort goes into the selection and nurturing of the materials we use.  While each specie of lumber has its own characteristics, our goal is to maximize the best features of each piece, and whenever possible, to highlight the details that show nature at her best. 

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